Thursday, 21 October 2010


For those who have known me long enough, music is a powerful source of inspiration to me (my inherent laziness has prevented it from becoming larger than my life, thus far, but the hope remains that one day it will come to define me...)

My musical journey began as a member of the school choir when I was about 10; My first (unrequited) love was for the piano, that I could only admire from a distance - too cherished an instrument for a mere child to touch. Nevertheless, I loved standing in the choir and singing Silent Night to my hearts content...

Geographically removed to North India and in the "heartlands / cow belt" I discovered Indian Classical music. From Raag Basant to Megh Malhar, I cherished the moments spent in the music room. And of course my sitar, that great instrument that I can only hope to play like a true maestro...

Benaras...that 3000 year old paradoxical city; Timeless, yet a constant source of new experiences. Who would have thought that in this city steeped in Indian traditions, I would discover my love for the classic rock?

The endless qwest for new experiences, new music (which were quite old BTW), new friends (and old fashion) defined those four years. Pink Floyd provided a perfect backdrop to our dreams; Rush provided new hope and excitement..

The days are long gone, the fashion is long gone too (thank God!), the friends, the experiences, the music, the qwest and the monicker remains....

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