Friday, 22 October 2010

Reality Bites

One of the perks of having free time is that you get to watch TV. Its hard to escape the re-runs of Friends (even though I have seen every episode atleast 20 times, they still make me laugh!; But harder still is to escape the onslaught of the money-minting machine that has "revolutionised" (sic!) TV - the highly scripted "reality" shows and the good old talent shows.

I don't mind the talent shows that much, though I fail to understand why the studio audience is always shrieking. And why do all the contestants look like airbrushed models on a magazine cover and not like "real" people?

The "Next Top Model" shows are equally hilarious, with the waif like "models" who have "always wanted to be a model" and therefore stopped eating when they were 10! Maybe its the lack of carbs in their diet that makes them cry or get into a cat-fight at the drop of a hat...

The Big Brother / Keeping up with the Kardashians type shows definitely make me wonder what they were thinking? I mean really, what were they thinking? And what are we thinking, or for that matter do we think at all? Why they are so popular? So we can pretend to be holier than thou? Or so we can comment on how low people can go and how celebrity culture has completely destroyed our society....Or maybe deep down we are waiting for someone to make a fool of themselves so we can feel better ourselves?!

PS: Katy Perry on the X-Factor tonight was absolutely horrendous; Of Course I can do better than her!

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