Monday, 14 March 2011

Hey there Georgie girl!

"this is a meeting about having a meeting" -brilliant line from Larry David's Curb your Enthusiasm thats on the telly right now. The meeting is with "George Costanza" from Seinfeld who wants to move back to acting but the only roles he gets are that of "George Costanza".

How many actors would kill to have a role like that of "George Costanza" but then most actors end up being stereotyped and have to live the rest of their lives as "Joey" or "Samantha". Although we value versatility so much, we rarely cultivate it..

Change is sometimes the only constant, yet we are opposed to change. We continue to follow the same routine - wake up, go to work, "meetings about having a meeting", more meetings, networking and then some! Trapped in a corner office, in the corporate maze that our lives have become...chicken and egg problem surely, the chicken desperately trying to burst out of the egg.

And so George will probably always be George, and Kramer will always be Kramer...Damn!! I miss Seinfeld...Sky Atlantic, bring it on please...

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