Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Winter 2010 / 2011

As I woke up, I noticed the date: 1st Dec 2010; the beginning of the end, the end of another year; yet filled with so much anticipation for the countless celebrations, parties, events, sales and of course holidays. Where there is so much expectation, there is bound to be some disappointment as well...

Would that make December one of the most stressful months as well?

too many boring parties, or not being invited to the most happening parties; not finding the perfect dress, or overpaying for the gorgeous one; endless gift shopping or worse disrupted holiday plans.

To fly or not to fly...that is the question? As Londoners watched with bated breath as fresh snow descended upon us (a meagre 1 inch, mind you...), I too hoped and prayed that my flight would take off. It eventually did, after a last minute plane change due to a snow induced snag....To steal from someone's FB post - the Germans cleared 300km of Autobahn but the English couldn't clear 3km of runway!

December in Delhi is usually chilly, but filled with warm and sunny days. This year, of course, was different. A heavy fog descended upon Delhi causing much havoc to flights and trains.

Holidays have also become a way for some groups / sections to try and submit society to their demands. Last year's (err wait that was 2009) BA flight strikes were a case in point, so much so that most people began to stop booking flights on BA especially during holidays. The Gujjars were similarly inspired and decided to strike when it would hurt the most - during peak season in Rajasthan. Road and train links into Jaipur were disrupted and we hoped in vain that our trip could continue as planned. Endless phone calls followed to try and get refunds / cancellations / rebookings.

We did manage to go on our family holiday, but only when the "official" peak season was over (the Gujjar agitation got over just as the season ended...)

But for all the stress, the holidays are probably still worth it!

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